El Contact Center que te ayudará a reducir costos y a mantener a tus clientes satisfechos.

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Mejoras en los servicios, participamos activamente en la identificación de la causa de la interacción de tus clientes.


Mas de 19 años de experiencia ayudando a empresas a:
  • Retener a sus clientes.
  • Dismunuir sus costos hasta un 20%.
  • Mejoras en los procesos operativos.


The professional, efficient and accessible service your company needs.
  • Custom-made models based on your needs
  • Dealing with clients and collaborators in a unique way
  • Teamwork for goal Fulfillment
  • Un solo punto de contacto para tus clientes, diferentes medios de contacto.


Brindamos las mejores experiencias a tus clientes.
  • Plataformas especializadas de Contact Centers.
  • Diferentes medios de contacto.
  • Herramientas eficientes para el teletrabajo.

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What do some of our partners say?

The inbound and outbound response of our campaigns has become more efficient, 100% satisfied; As suppliers always seek to solve the client. If you want a reliable supplier, with excellent service and good price; CONTACT is an excellent choice.

Gabriela del CarmenBancomext

They have an excellent attitude of service, innovation in their processes and technological tools that support them, increase of positioning and portfolio, as well as the sanitization of our databases. Widely satisfied.

Jorge UgaldeFundación Dónde

Satisfied, they are accessible to any type of requirement and cover the needs of the customers.

Claudia UribeGripo Porvenir

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